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Strange things people do to dogs
08-27-2016, 04:30 AM,
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Strange things people do to dogs
There has been some chilling occurrences around the world with dogs being either the victims or the centre of undeserved attention. There is this case in East Africa where dogs were slaughtered and their blood sprinkled on tribal warriors as a prelude to post election violence. There was also a case of a man who was found to have feasted on dog meat in his house. On further investigation and interrogation, it was revealed that the man was a drug abuser, he used to smoke marijuana hence his peculiar aberration. Not to mention the case of a group of girls at the coast who were paid to have sex with male dogs. They were filmed doing the same. Actually, the videos were uploaded on a pornographic website. These incidences show the level of depravity that we humans can sink into given half a chance. There was also a case some years ago where a young man was arrested for having sex with a goat which was found detained in his house. Near our village, there were rumours late in the year 2015 when some thugs stole a goat from the village and raped it before slaughtering it. It seems that there is something terribly wrong with humanity because these examples represent a tip of the iceberg since there is alot of underreporting coupled with the fact that animals don't talk. Matters are not helped either by the authorities who are generally lax when it comes to cases involving animals save for the intrigue, innuendo and drama the cases present in court. The only cases which are pursued with deserted seriousness involve bestiality offences against cows where the owners take labourers to court to answer for the same offences. Needeless to say, the poor animals are taken to the slaughterhouse, a consequence of crimes they didn't commit.
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