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What is my cat's allergy?
06-16-2016, 10:38 AM,
Kya Cooper Offline

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What is my cat's allergy?
I have taken my cat to the vet multiple times for what the vet is telling me is an allergic reaction. My cat licks himself until his hair falls out and he gets his skin infected. I take him to the vet, he gives him a shot, and my cat is ok for 2 or 3 months. Next thing I know, he's scratching and licking again. He's an indoor cat and is well protected from fleas. I just can't figure out what he could possibly allergic to. Somebody help please.
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06-17-2016, 07:04 AM,
Novelangel Offline
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RE: What is my cat's allergy?
First of all, where does your cat sleep? If he has his own bed, you probably wash it from time to time, so you might want to consider your laundry detergent and how gentle it might be. It could be that your cat is allergic to that detergent. Does your cat always lick in the same place each time or is it more or less an all over itch type of situation? Some cats will lick excessively if they're stressed in some way. Is there loud music in your home, or a loud TV playing much of the time? Sometimes certain cats react badly to loud noises. Cats have very good hearing and vision, so if something is going on regularly in your home, you're probably used to it and barely even notice it, but your cat doesn't have the ability to just ignore stressful situations such as loud noises. Perhaps your kitty needs more play time, or more people time. Does he like to cuddle up with you but you have a limited amount of time for that sort of thing? Or perhaps he's the type of cat who doesn't like to cuddle or be fussed over too much. In that case, perhaps he's being over stimulated and needs a little break from it now and then. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have to try different things until the licking problem solves itself.
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06-17-2016, 01:52 PM,
remnant Offline


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RE: What is my cat's allergy?
Worries about cats tend to be less than their canine counterparts due to their independent mien. Cats retain most of their characteristics from the wild before they were domesticated. Its true that cats get harassed by the noises around the home but adjust pretty quickly to the rhythm. Cats have a short memory span. You can spank a cat for spilling milk this moment and it runs away in protest and reproach, the next moment it is rubbing against your feet. I suppose sometimes we have to allow animals to be themselves. This is a message that seems to pop out of the eyes of most cats I have encountered. When wont get into the homestead, they regard you suspiciously meaning that they need their personal space. I have not known cats to be prone to allergies rather, they cause them through their fluffy hairs which get into a person's nostrils. I suppose milk and soft cooked meat should be able to maintain cat health without major issues.
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