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Birth of 12 puppies! We had a great day today
03-03-2013, 08:59 PM,
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Birth of 12 puppies! We had a great day today
[Image: wp001104.jpg]
Our beautiful mastif/boxer/great dane mix Priscilla had a litter of 12 puppies!

It was bittersweet because the puppies father Gosy passed away just this monday. He was 13yo and we had never had puppies from him. He was the most loyal and lovable dog you could ever wish for, we wern't sure if he would be able to father the puppies but we are so glad he did!

We already have homes for several of them, a few of our friends have always said if Gosy ever had any puppies they would love to have one. The rest will go to the best homes we can find for them Smile
Just a little update, we now have 13 puppies Smile
The final tally for our litter of puppies was 15, Smile all are doing well, mum is doing a great job of looking after them. We had 7 boys and 8 girls in the litter. They will be fine where they are for the time being but in the next couple of weeks we are going to have to build a larege pen to keep them contained for their own saftey (and our sanity) otherwise it will be like the ending of that Tom Hanks movie 'Turner & Hooch'. Gee I loved that movie, must watch it again soon
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03-05-2013, 12:05 PM,
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RE: Birth of 12 puppies! We had a great day today
That's a lot of puppies. I am glad all worked out well and they all made it. I like that movie Turner & Hooch, too. In fact I like most dog movies, because most of them show a dogs love for his master and that love between person and dog, is most treasured and personal.

My brother had two boxers. One died last month, he "Max," was 12 years old. Boxers are such loving and easy to train dogs. But they are big dogs for in the house.

It can be a bit of a problem on holidays,
as the dogs can easily reach food on the table. One year they were eating turkey off the platter and this year a friend had left a platter of cookies on their back porch.

The dogs were let out in the backyard and ate most of the cookies because my brother did not know the cookie platter had been left there. It was a funny holiday story.
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