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Dog Food
08-17-2014, 02:15 PM,
Francy Offline
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Dog Food
What type of dog food do you feed your dogs?

I am having the hardest time! For years, my labrador has only every eaten Science Diet. He's been on almost every single type of Science Diet from the basic to the most expensive because of his sensitive stomach and allergies. I still am not satisfied and am thinking about switching to a different brand, I am just not sure what. I've heard Blue Buffalo is good but I'm just not sure.

Do any of you have a dog with similar issues, and if so, what type of dog food do you feed him/her?
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09-28-2014, 07:25 AM,
Danyel72 Offline
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RE: Dog Food
We have tried many dog foods in the past but the one we like the best is called... 4 Health. We buy it at the Tractor Supply Store and it's rather inexpensive as well. They carry the regular food and also the grain free if your pet has allergies.

We now buy it for our dogs and our cats. No problems as far as stomach upset either.
Hope this helps!
Danyel Smile
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09-29-2014, 02:12 AM,
cyberpuppet Offline
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RE: Dog Food
If anyone anywhere asks me about dog feeding or diet I only ever have one answer - raw feeding.

My last dog (a re-homed GSD) was raw fed, and I will admit it is scary at first because you are going to be using chicken with bones in it and it is driven into every pet own that chicken bones are an absolute no no. What this actually means is cooked chicken bones are an absolute no no - raw bones are completely different.

The other problem with raw feeding is that because it is not a "brand" it can be difficult to find guidelines on amount, over and under-feeding etc. You do have to learn to judge by the seat of your pants - or rather by the ribs of you dog and alter according to how the dog is doing.

The benefits are huge - primarily with sensitive digestions but it is also common to see improvements in skin condition, and even behaviour. One that many people do not expect is in what comes out the other end. With my own bitch I saw her change from 2 loose smelly frankly obnoxious poos a day to one firm practically unscented poo once every 2 days (no fart smell either). Also those poos would disappear if it rained before I did the garden - they washed away. Have you ever stopped to wonder why dog poo hangs around so long if not cleaned up? It shouldn't do and on a raw diet doesn't, but on man made foods the preservatives added to keep the food fresh (and appealing to owners not the dogs) are passed into the poo and act to keep that "fresh" as well.

I do tend to go on a bit - I had a dog who was more healthy with clean teeth, fresh breath, a glossy coat all the things you usually see in dog food adverts, and it cost less than many so called quality brands and I want to share that.
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