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Dog stories
06-02-2016, 10:17 AM,
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Dog stories
This is about Grey, the 4-month old puppy in the beach resort. We were dining in the resort's restaurant just out from the pool. My husband took off his wet slippers to feel comfortable. The dinner was delicious so everyone was engrossed in the food. In the middle of the dinner, my husband noticed one of his slippers missing. When he checked under the table, indeed there was only 1 slipper. My 2 nieces stood up to help in the search but clearly there was only 1 slipper under the table. The 2 kids roamed the restaurant - not so big though with a capacity of 100 persons.

One diner called our attention and pointed to the counter. There it was, my husband's other slipper courtesy of that mischievous puppy, And then my nephew recalled that my husband had somewhat reprimanded Gray when the puppy approached my husband before the food was served. My husband said to Gray "no food, go away" so maybe Gray had his revenge. So when we came back to the restaurant on the next day, everyone was on the lookout for Gray.
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06-04-2016, 05:25 AM,
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RE: Dog stories
Pet owners invariably come to see the mischievous or humorous side of their dogs especially pets. Some don't take it easy by letting puppies to be puppies but they snap and take it as an offence that is punishable. This creates a feeling of alienation and subjection on the part of the dog. In other situations, they may play with laundry and its not uncommon to find your newly bought and freshly laundered shirt in the murk! We have a young dog that likes to climb on my legs in enthusiastic play which soils my clothes and I have found that a soft twig waved against his face is enough deterrent. There are also bigger dogs who go into the neighbourhood and can be seen lurking near the kitchen waiting for the opportune moment to pounce on a juicy steak left on a low shelf. The worst situation is when an intruding dog decides that your compound is a poop reservoir and you have to clean up after it. This has happened in our compound several times. At the end of the day, we have to accept that dogs don't have a rational conscience like us and deterrent measures should be tempered with mercy with respect to this understanding.
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