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What liquids do you give to your dog your dog?
07-25-2016, 03:01 PM,
remnant Offline


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What liquids do you give to your dog your dog?
The need for osmoregulation in animals is often underestimated, forgotten or ignored altogether. Most pet owners ignore the need to quench their pets especially in hot weather when they lose alot of fluids during hot weather and dogs can be seen panting. I have had the opportunity to see neglected dogs lapping on dirty water from trenches or washing bowls. It behoves pet owners to be more considerate by providing clean water to theirs pets. Cats are better treated and most families keep some milk for them. Some people in addition give tea and porridge to their dogs. The latter is quite good and some store bought varieties contain a variety of nutrients which are necessary for dog health. Bone soup is also quite good for dogs since they love meat and meat products. One should ensure that dogs have enough fluids with them especially when they are taking drugs to prevent toxicity by enhancing the clearance from the bloodstream of toxic products of drug metabolism.
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07-27-2016, 05:40 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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RE: What liquids do you give to your dog your dog?
We always have a bowl of fresh water out for the dogs, and the bowl is washed out and kept clean each day.
In the really hot weather, sometimes I will add a few icecubes and they seem to like that. I have not ever just given my dogs soup to drink; but that does seem like a good idea, and i will do that this winter when we are making more soup.
Since we are in the heat of summer right now, hot soup would not be appetizing for either us or the dogs at this point.
Each morning when I have my cup of coffee, I always give Chipper a little bowl of cream when i am getting it out to put in my coffee.
He seems to really look forward to his cream every day !
Since Chipper is getting along in years, and can't chew hard food as well as he used to be able to, having softer food is almost a necesity for him.
I have added liquids from soups and stews into his dog food to soften it sometimes, and that seems to be something that he enjoys also.
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