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Vicious Cat vs Alligator (video)
12-22-2012, 10:22 PM,
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Exclamation  Vicious Cat vs Alligator (video)
Cats might be small, but they are vicious!

Check out these videos of cat vs alligators.

In the first video, a single cat was able to turn back two alligators. The gators were just minding their own business.

In the second video,
Gator: Stop it! Leave me alone! I am just trying to eat some chickens!
Cat: Yeah right. I am just trying to mess with your head!
Gator: Why? You don't even like raw chickens.
Cat: Cos I am bored! And because I can!

Who would think little cats can beat alligators? Icon_eek
If anyone else have a video or a picture of vicious cat, please share. Clap
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12-23-2012, 03:25 AM,
Thor Online


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RE: Vicious Cat vs alligator (video)
Cats can be territorial and playful at the same time. They might not like other animals in the area where they consider as their own turf. It can be another cat, or even an alligator in this case. Big Grin Sometimes they might just love to mess with other animals for fun.

In the first video I believe the alligator might also be intimidated by the presence of humans. On at least one occasion, the guy in shorts walked closer which might have caused the alligator to flee. Nonetheless, the cat is extremely "brave". I have seen the scene of a crocodile dragging a full grown leopard into the water on Animal Planet. I'd be very nervous if I am the cat owner.

For more vicious cats!
Cat vs Tiger

Ok, that was a joke. Boozing
Nonetheless you can still see how vicious the cat was.

Now for real.

Cat vs Cobra

Once again, I'd be very nervous if that was my cat. They seem to have no fear, or rather they have no idea what they got themselves into.
I also can't help noticing how gorgeous the corbra is. I am sure Fishbone will agree with me. Big Grin

Cat vs bear
[Image: _41750334_bear203_ap.jpg]
This is a story from 2006. A cat forced a bear onto a tree not once, but twice! The bear only escaped after the cat owner recalled the cat. It took place in the cat owner's backyard. Go figure, it is territorial behavior at work. Rolleyes
Source news
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