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DNA and Dog Poop?
03-07-2014, 08:27 AM,
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DNA and Dog Poop?
Well, this is a new one on me! I was reading this article that some communities are using DNA testing to determine whose dog has been leaving poop in the neighborhood. If they figure it out, then the owner is fined.

I have to wonder. Where do they get the DNA database to compare to? It's one thing to have a specimen. It means nothing if there is a DNA database with all the dogs in the area. I wonder if they will be requiring DNA testing on all dogs in the future. It appears some apartment and condo complex owners are requiring dog owners who live there to supply DNA samples. Is that legal?

I can understand the frustration. I walk my dog every day. At least twice a week, we run across dog poop on the sidewalk, in the street, or on someone's lawn. There is the annoyance of stepping in it. But, there are health risks for your dog as well.

I always have a bag with me. Misha rarely does her business outside our property as we have grass in the backyard. But, there have been rare occasions when she couldn't wait until we got back home.

What do think of this? Should DNA samples for dogs be required? Should business owners be allowed to do this on their own? Does your city already have this in place?

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05-06-2014, 05:49 PM,
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RE: DNA and Dog Poop?
I have heard of apartment complexes with a problem doing DNA testing. You can also order a DNA test online and send it in to see what all types of breeds your dog is. The few that I have actually seen don't seem to be entirely accurate but they are close non the less. Since the DNA testing isn't 100% accurate it more than likely wouldn't stand up in court if someone were to actually fight it. I know I clean up after my dogs and we have our own yard so I have nothing to worry about.
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