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Does your dog imitate your actions?
10-04-2012, 03:59 PM,
haopee Offline


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Does your dog imitate your actions?
One thing I've learned from Peanuts is that she certainly knows how to beg and catch my attention. No only will she stare at me for long periods of time, but she will also paw at my shoulder when she wants me to give her attention.

One day, my partner made a breakthrough Icon_eek by saying, "You and Peanuts are alike, you know. What she does to you is what you literally do to me when you want my attention."

What does your dog do that you think he/she learned from you?
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10-17-2012, 06:59 AM,
bellahpereira Offline
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RE: Does your dog imitate your actions?
That's adorable! I spend all day with my dog so I'm sure that there are more traits that I do not see but I know that he has picked up a few things from me. When my boyfriend and I are speaking too loudly he howls - which is the alternative to how I yell 'QUIET' when he and my boyfriend are making too much noise Tongue It's quite adorable! Also, he knows that when he hears the mail man he should bark Tongue I am usually waiting for letters or parcels so I check the mail every so often. My dogs knows that this is a pattern so he barks when he hears the mail man putting something in the mailbox.
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