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Getting Dog Urine out of the Carpet
08-27-2013, 08:52 AM,
pheenix Offline
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Getting Dog Urine out of the Carpet
Anyone got any good products or home remedies for getting both new and old dog urine out of carpets?

There are some old dog urine stains on part of our thick carpet that are several years old, and I don't know how thoroughly they got cleaned before, but when we moved in with our dogs, one of them could detect the old stain and kept peeing there. Every time she peed we tried a new cleaning product, but obviously none of the products really worked since she kept peeing. She could still detect the old scent plus her new scent. We've tried enzyme solutions, regular carpet scrubbers (like "Resolve"), and cleaning it the old-fashioned way (dumping water+laundry detergent, scrubbing, vacuuming it up with a shopvac, sprinkling with baking soda when dry).

I can still faintly smell urine in the carpet. Sad
Any other suggestions that have worked for you?
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08-28-2013, 01:13 AM,
Tribie Offline
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RE: Getting Dog Urine out of the Carpet
My husband pours lemon juice on that area of the carpet. Lemon juice is effective in getting rid of the smell. When it's not so wet anymore he generously sprinkles baking soda and leaves it there for days. The stain is a different problem altogether. We were thinking of having professionals do it but it would cost money so we just learned to live with it until we had enough money to spare. Our dog doesn't go back to that area anymore though. At least one problem was solved. If and when we have enough money we might actually replace the carpet with something more dog and kid friendly.
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