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What strange or interesting games does your dog play ?
09-03-2014, 01:44 AM,
Happyflowerlady Offline


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What strange or interesting games does your dog play ?
It is sometimes amazing , the things that animals think of !
Years ago, my mother had a little white Poodle named Betty. Betty was always right there beside my mother, whatever she was doing, and slept next to her in the bed at night.
I am not sure how Betty got the idea, but she would lay down flat on her side, and then flip her ear so it was covering up her eye, and she couldn't see.
Mom would say "Where's Betty ? Where is Betty? " , and Betty's little tail would start to wiggle because she was having so much fun, but she would not move. After a few times of mom asking where she was, Betty would flip her ear back off of her eye, and raise her head up; thus becoming "visible" again. Of course, then my mom would always say something like "Oh, there's Betty, there she is ! " and pet her a lot.

Betty loved this game, and she was sure that if she couldn't see my mother , that Mom couldn't see her either. She loved playing "invisible Betty" !
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12-08-2014, 03:42 PM,
Miranda Boldari Offline
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RE: What strange or interesting games does your dog play ?
That's interesting because my dog likes to play something along the similar vein.
Once my dog had accidentally knocked over a lamp. Nothing happened except for the bulb breaking, but the noise had convinced my dog he had done something really, really bad. My brother happened to be there at the time. So the next time he comes, my dog pounces on him with joy and bro dearest asks him, "You fixed that lamp, Gus?" I don't know how Gus understood or remembered, but he got off bro all of a sudden and settled down to casually lick his paw, occasionally darting glances between the lamp and me. The first time we were just simply stunned by his reaction.

Ever since my bro gets a kick out of asking Gus about the lamp and Gus for his part oscillates between angelic innocence and stout denial, all the while glancing at the lamp and me. (He doesn't go anywhere close to it anymore)
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