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Where did your breed of dog originate from ?
09-02-2014, 11:01 AM,
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Where did your breed of dog originate from ?
Actually, I should have said dog or cat, since we have a lot of cat owners on the forum as well. So, how many of you know about the history of the origin of your dog or cat's particular breed ?

My Chipper is a Yorkie-poo, so he is part Yorkie and part Poodle. Yorkshire Terriers are English, and were bred to catch rodents. Now they are mostly just house pets , at least here in the United States. Poodles, on the other hand, are from Germany. This is kind of interesting, because they are often called a French Poodle, I think because of the particular clip that they are given, or were given, when they were imported to France. Unless they are clipped, the Poodle is a pretty shaggy looking dog.

One that surprised me was Pomeranians. They came from Poland ! Apparently, they were developed from another German dog, the Spitz, and then bred down to a smaller size in the little area of Poland called Pomerania.
Poms are just the smartest little dogs, and are one of my most favorite breeds !
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