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Soft diet for a sick dog
06-10-2016, 08:35 PM,
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Soft diet for a sick dog
Our first dog Jedi had taught us a lot about dogs. One lesson is the soft diet when the dog is suffering from diarrhea or has no appetite. Especially when a dog has no appetite, force-feeding is the only recourse. This soft diet has rice broth for the main ingredient with an egg  yolk and a dash of salt. The mixture is injected using a syringe (with no needle, of course). 

For the procedure: Boil one cup of rice in 4 cups of water. Let it boil for at least 5 minutes so the nutrients of the rice is extracted to the broth. When harvested from the stove, let it cool before adding the egg yolk with a dash of salt. Shake vigorously with a spoon or fork before serving. Depending on the size of the dog, 20 ml every hour is enough nutrients for a medium size dog like Jedi.
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06-11-2016, 12:53 AM,
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RE: Soft diet for a sick dog
Thanks for this worthy tidbit. Most people scramble for expensive store bought solutions to treat their sick dogs. When one sifts through the massive maze of products with different uses, its easy to understand why some people fall for anything because they don't have something to stand for. I should also add that bone soup is an effective remedy for sick dogs since it extracts most of the minerals found in the bone mass. Most people assume that the medical needs of the dog can only be handled using medicine from the vet and nutritional aspects are ignored. Some of the medicine that dogs take is physiologically potent and they no doubt suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The only problem is that they are not able to communicate their feelings like we humans. Only a discerning individual can be able to decipher the problems faced by an agonized pet. An all round approach towards rehabilitating the animal is necessary keeping in mind its emotional, physical and other needs that the dog requires for optimum recovery. The dog should be housed in a quiet kennel away from disturbances. Company is also important since gloom is a potent depressant which has been known to depress the immune system.
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